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how to make a teddy bear from french knitting
you will need approximately 1 standard sized ball of wool for this. not sure how much time it actually takes as i keep doing it on and off and whenever i get the chance really.

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  • How to make a bear plushie. French Knitted Teddy Bear - Step 1
    Step 1

    this will take a long time but stick with it! its totally worth it and you get a really cute bear out of it! first you need french knitting and a lot of it! keep it attached to the bobbin as it depends how big you want you bear as to how much u will need. you need to coil it round into a circle and sew it as you go. then start to bring the sides up. you should end up with it looking like a bowl (see picture). it does help to have something to mould it round. i used a giant coke can i had sat on my desk. this forms the body of the bear

  • How to make a bear plushie. French Knitted Teddy Bear - Step 2
    Step 2

    keep sewing until your bear has reached the desired height. then start to close off the top. dont close it off fully as you still need to stuff it!

  • How to make a bear plushie. French Knitted Teddy Bear - Step 3
    Step 3

    next you need to make the arms. again the amount of french knitting you need will depend of how big you want them. mine are 55cm long (roughly). i used a chunky marker to mould them round as i sewed them.

  • Step 4

    next the legs! the length of french knitting you will need is 95-100cm. you use the same principle on the legs as you did with the arms. i used a thin body spray can to mould the legs around.

  • Step 5

    now you need to stuff the arms and legs. i used a washable polyester fiber stuffing. the amount of stuffing you need will depend on how firm you want ur bear to be.

  • Step 6

    now you need to saw the arms and legs onto your bear body. find a position for them that you like and pin them on and then sew them on using the same colour wool. then you need to stuff the body of the bear.
    TIP; some people may find it easier to stuff the body them sew on the arms and legs.

  • Step 7

    now you need to do some more frencg knitting! this time it is for the head. the amount you will need depends on how big you want the head. then you need to wrap it around something to mould the head. i used a balloon and deflated it when i had sewn the head to get it out.


  • Step 8

    when you have sewn on the head all you need are some buttons for the eyes and nose. just sew them onto the head in the position you want. i also knitted a small scarf to go around the head so you can see where the head was stitched on

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