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My favourite way to knit is by freestyle knitting; knitting without any 'real' plan or pattern in mind. It's how I turned a scarf into my beloved highlighter halter top. As I've said before, I really don't like following patterns because there are so many things that you have to do (make a swatch, have the proper needle and yarn sizes, etc). I used to look at patterns for reference and now I use other items that I've knit for reference. Also I usually don't write down exactly what I've done and then people ask me how I made it and I have no clue! WELL this time I wrote everything down and I'm here to share that information with you!!! If you want to follow a pattern use this, or use it as a reference for creating your own masterpiece.

For this pattern I used 1 skein of Best In Show Superfine Alpaca Yarn by Kollabora (I made mine into two balls of yarn).

Posted by Laura H. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada • Published See Laura H.'s 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    With your size 5 needles, holding 2 pieces of yarn together, cast on 32 stitches

  • Step 2

    Rows 1-4: Work in ribbing (knit 2, purl 2) for 4 rows

  • Step 3

    Row 5 - use size 13 needles to knit this row (and continue with size 13 needles), now you're going to use stockinette stitch
    Row 6 - purl
    Rows 7-14: continue in stockinette stitch (Odd rows knit, even rows purl)

  • Step 4

    Row 15 - use size 17 needles to knit this row (and continue with size 17 needles)
    Row 18 - knit this row (instead of purl) to give a nice line effect
    Row 19 - knit
    Row 20 - purl

  • Step 5

    Rows 21-23: Continue in stockinette stitch (odd rows knit, even rows purl)
    Row 24 - again knit this row instead of purl to give the line effect
    Row 25 - knit
    Row 26 - purl

  • Step 6

    Rows 27-33: continue in stockinette stitch
    Row 33 - switch back to size 13 needles and knit this row
    Row 34 - purl
    Row 35 - bind off

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