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Fabric Cats (Or Something Like That)

Muriel and Krull, the pink warrior. Fabric cats! • Posted by Alice L.

I saw them at a store and I thought: "I want one!!" So, why buy them when you can make them?

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I saw them at a store and I thought: "I want one!!" So, why buy them when you can make them?


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    First get the pattern. You can print it, or make it yourself. It's really easy, if you want to try. You can change the size if you want to.

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    Get all the things you need. I use knit fabric because, to me, it looks prettier, and as it streches a bit, the cats can be as chubby as you want them. If not, the fabric will not strech and they will be kind of slim, but it's ok if you want them like that. This project is also great for old socks, sweaters or scarves!!! The pink one with dots is made from a pair of socks. :)

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    Cut a piece of the fabric. It should double the size of your pattern. Fold the fabric in half, and draw the outline of your pattern on the wrong side. I used a really soft pencil. I put a few pins so I could sew easily. I love pins!

  4. Small cimg5365 1264643563

    Now sew all the way round, leaving a little space on the bottom to turn it inside out (but don't turn it yet). I put two green pins for you to see.

  5. Small cimg5366 1264643836

    Now cut 0,5 cm away from the seam, leaving a lid on the bottom. That will help you to close it when you finish. Zig-zag the edges (but not the lid!!)

  6. Small cimg5370 1264644142

    Turn it inside out.

  7. Small cimg5371 1264644331

    Now's the time to get all that tiny little fabric scraps you hate to have. Fill your cat with them. Make him/her as chubby as you want. You could use cotton, wool or whatever you want. Even paper if you want to.

  8. Small cimg5372 1264644612

    Turn the lids to the inside of the cat, and handstitch the bottom with an invisible stitch.

  9. Small cimg5374 1264644979

    That's the way it should look when you finish it.

  10. Small cimg5376 1264645111

    Sew two buttons as eyes. Or three, or five if you want a mutant. (This was for my sister, and she wanted these red buttons, but they look quite evil to me!!!)

  11. Small cimg5375 1264645353

    Done!!! - Please, if there's something unclear, or difficult to understand, ask me! There's no problem, and I'd be glad to help. English is not my native language, so it's ok if you need me to re-explain something. Thank you!!! -