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A cute and easy lolita skirt.
I was going to an anime con and i wanted to dress lolita but i didnt want to spend a ton of money, so i made my own outfit. Here is how to make my cupcake overskirt.

Sorry if i dont have pics for the first couple of steps, but i got furstrated with it and i had to just make it up as i went along.

If anything isnt clear, dont hesisate to ask me.

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  • Step 1

    First step find you skirt. You're going to use this as your base, but dont worry you wont be attaching anything to it.

  • Step 2

    Take your fabric and fold it in half. Now measure from the top of your skirt to where you want your overskirt to end and mark it onto your fabric.

  • How to make a skirt. Easy Lolita Over Skirt - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now make a giant compass of sorts and make an arc from your mark you made to the corner. Then cut out your skirt.

    After cutting you should have something similar to the picture.

  • Step 4

    Next comes the waist band. Figure out how wide you want your waist band to be and make it as long as your skirt is wide at the top. Cut two of these out.

  • Step 5

    Now sew all around the edges of you skirt. I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance for this.

  • Step 6

    Now take your waist band and hem the two shorter edges on both pieces of your waist band.

  • Step 7

    Now taking your waist band, put the right sides together and sew up one of the long sides.

  • Step 8

    Now turn your waist band inside out, so the right side of the fabric is facing out and sew up the last long side.

  • Step 9

    Now comes the tricky part. Take your skirt and waist band and face them right side together. You are now going to see where the lower seam is and SEW ON THAT SEAM. You dont want any stiching to show.

    When you have finished it should look like this.

  • Step 10

    Now comes the "fun" part of this project. I realized that my waist band was slightly shorter than my skirt and i wanted to mask. I took some edging and pinned it all around the skirt and sewn it on.

  • How to make a skirt. Easy Lolita Over Skirt - Step 11
    Step 11

    Now string a ribben through your waist band and wear. Enjoy!!

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so cute gonna make one

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