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Based on Easiest Project Ever by kkirstyy
I created this Heart Bunting for my room as I wanted to stray away from the traditional bunting. I was inspired by this image I found on Weheartit.com an images search engine:

Instead of using Music Paper I used paper from an old book.
It all depends on how big you want your hearts to be and how long you want your bunting to be so it doesn't matter about exact measurement.

You will need:
Colored card
Patterned Paper
Strong String/Yarn
A pair of Scissors
A hole puncher
A Stapler

I first cut out rectangles from Black card and used a hole puncher at the top.

I then cut out 6 long rectangle stripes of patterned (book) paper

2 stripes should be Full length so when you bend it make a big heart
2 stripes should be cut, shortened by about 1/3
And 2 stripes should be cut, shortened by about 2/3

Align up all six stripes either side of the patterned paper about a third of the way up. Make sure it’s beneath the hole where you’re going to thread and hang!

The longest stripes should be first and the shortest on the outside.
Stapler to join all the 6 stripes of patterned paper together

Now take 3 stripes of the patterned paper on one side and bend them to line up to the bottom of the coloured card. Use a stapler to fasten down.

And take the other 3 stripes of patterned paper and bend them on the opposite side to line up to the bottom of the coloured card. Use a stapler to fasten down.

You may want to bend to adjust to the kind of heart shape you prefer.
You have created your first Heart!

Once you have created as many hearts as you want get your string or yarn and thread it through the hole. Hang up with a chunky bit of blue tack or a pin tack onto your wall, use something strong as it’ll weigh a bit.



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these are cool Happy

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Ah ha! Thanks Happy

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am so dopey, should have done this as a TUTORIAL. Just follow the image squence, it's quite detailed.

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