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Gaudy and earthy
This was a final project. I was forced into using more methods than i ever wanted to use. I had to choose 3 and get it done in 2 weeks (finals and all). That... didn't go as planned.
The casting for the silver flowers took about... 20 minutes minus the wait time. Which is WAY fast.
I soddered the bezel for the bottom gem (another process)but, once again, the girl sitting next to me messed me up. she didn't tell me to file down the sides, sooo, it kind of ended up bumpy (though it kind of looked cool anyhow).
The green gem up top is held in my tabs (REALLY hard to do). There were supposed to be 2 more gems (these small pink and black ones), but i ran out of time.
It was a rush project but... it has it's merits.

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Crazed4now · Spring Grove, Illinois, US · 8 projects
@immaculate: Take a jewelry class. You'll need a teacher, believe me. XD
Annie Williams
Annie Williams · 14 projects
How cool, I love them! I would like to learn more about casting and sodering. Any suggestions?

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