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A stencil, a little fabric paint, and BAM -- Chihiro! <3
I had a boring white tank and i probably wasn't going to wear it anytime soon. But i had been re-painting some wedges, and had leftover fabric paint. Then -- BRAINSTORM <3 And using a stencil from Stencilry.org (they have stencils for EVERYTHING and for free, so check em out) i made this little number!

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  • How to make a tank top. Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank - Step 1
    Step 1

    Pick your stencil. I got mine from stencilry.org, but you can use one from wherever. I don't have freezer paper or anything, so i used regular white paper. My stencil looks like this! Click to see the whole thing.

  • How to make a tank top. Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank - Step 2
    Step 2

    Using an X-Acto knife (or scissors, if you are daring) cut out the black parts of your stencil, since these will be the ones you'll paint black.

  • Step 3

    In case the paint bleeds, put a piece of cardboard inside the tank.

  • How to make a tank top. Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank - Step 4
    Step 4

    Use some double sided tape, and attach it to the parts of your stencil. Mine had lots of little pieces, so i put the tape on, and then used scissors to cut around it. Place them where they need to be.

  • How to make a tank top. Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank - Step 5
    Step 5

    If you used regular thin paper like me, dab the sponge brush with the paint on it directly onto the stencil at a 90* angle. If you have any un-taped down ends, this will keep you painting where you're supposed to be. Hope that makes sense!

  • Step 6

    Let dry for about 20 minutes, then using some tweezers or just your bare fingers (but you fingers can spread paint and tweezers leave your hands clean!) pick off all the paper pieces of stencil. You don't have to do this right away, but if you do it after the paint completely dries, the paper may be cemented to the shirt :/

  • Step 7

    (Optional) Touch up any areas you need to with a Q-tip and some fabric paint.

  • How to make a tank top. Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank - Step 8
    Step 8

    Enjoy you're stenciled shirt! I love the way mine turned out <3

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Eien · Conyers, Georgia, US · 3 projects
Nice work! I use freezer paper for my stencils. But I like the ways yours turned out. It has an ukiyo-e feel to it that totally goes with the world of Spirited Away.
fjasdkflnsmcie · 4 projects
Omg I love this movie, it's amazing!!
kurohanzo · Tangerang, Banten, ID · 8 projects
i want XDDD
Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly · Herschberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, DE · 2 projects
This is an GREAT idea! i can't wait to try it!
I have done something similar before but it just wasn't quite right... I am sure this will end up being so much better!

Again, Thanks!
gisatako m.
gisatako m. · 2 projects
so cool!!
Nikki S.
Nikki S.
very cool!
katcar~ · 27 projects
sure! well there's lots of ways to do it. you can download them... buttttt.... i kind of just right clicked and saved to my computer and then printed! haha sorry if that's vague or anything, need any more?
jasmyn b.
jasmyn b. · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 3 projects
Cute. when i checked out the stencil website i didnt know how to use it...would you be able to give me some pointers
Lydia H.
Lydia H. · 20 projects
Super cute Kat! This could be used with say... Matryoshka? lol
Chudames · Bellingham, Washington, US · 112 projects
Thank you for mentioning that site! I don't have photoshop, and most stencils are recommended to be made that way. YAY!
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