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Diy Hanging Decorations Of Fabric Fish
Crafts made out of fabric may be the most common handicrafts, but they are also the most imaginative crafts. Ideas are limited only by your imagination. DIY hanging decorations are difficult? No! You just haven't met us! Today let's enjoy the wonderful experience of fish hanging decorations!

Crafts made out of fabric are also good ways to help children explore fun fabric crafting ideas and cultivate their creative thinking. The meaning of crafting doesn't get any better than that! In the hot summer, if you see fishes swimming around in a quiet and beautiful creek, don't you feel cooler? Add refreshing elements for your life is really important in midsummer. Now follow us to make DIY hanging decorations of fabric fish to bring you coolness under the hot sun!


  • How to make a fish plushie. Diy Hanging Decorations Of Fabric Fish - Step 1
    Step 1

    Sew the fish
    Cut two pieces of felt by tracing a template of fish's outline. Cut out a rectangular cotton cloth with certain size to wrap the middle of the fish. Sew a bead at each side of the fish head as eyes. Overlap two felts and wrap them with the cotton cloth, start to sew the edges by overcast stitch.

  • How to make a fish plushie. Diy Hanging Decorations Of Fabric Fish - Step 2
    Step 2

    Stuff the fish
    When sew the mouth of fish, add the hanging cord. Continue to the tail, stuff the fish and sew the opening. Then you can repeat the steps to make some in other colors and designs.

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