Cut Out + Keep

DIY Fashion Magazine

Create your own fashion magazine, full of things you like, without the adverts or irrelevant content. • Posted by Cat Morley

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Almost Nothing


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    Start off with one of your favourite fashion magazines.

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    Flip through the magazine and when you find something that catches your eye, rip out the page.

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    Continue flipping through, ripping out the pages you like and placing them in the pile. When you've finished flipping, put the unwanted magazine to the side, ready to be recycled.

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    Cut the pages down, so that you're left with neat cut outs of the things you like.

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    Take a scrapbook and glue and fill up the pages with your cut outs.

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    Arrange the pages so that you have like with like. For example, by fabric, colour or type of garment.

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    You can do the same with hair and make-up styles.

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    Or do the same with interior design, art or decorating magazines.