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This DIY cost almost nothing to make and the glossy see-through look makes the flowers look fresh.
I spotted this on Dollar Store Crafts (www.dollarstorecrafts.com) and decided to give it a try.

This is simple enough that an older child (with supervision) could make one and pick out some flowers to put it - the above bouquet was only $4 at our local Kroger.

You could use any clear glass container and a different shape could give it a more exotic looks, but I used an empty salsa jar with the label soaked off and then dried.

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You Will Need

empty glass container
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Step 1

    The original tutorial is at:

    I used:
    - Empty Salsa jar
    - Hot Glue Gun and 4 glue sticks

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    Step 2

    For mine project, I plugged in the glue gun and I started at the bottom of the jar about an inch up and held it in my left hand and the glue gun in my right and tilted it slightly on a desk and pressed the glue gun against the glass and pulled the trigger and started turning it applying the glue horizontally around the circumference of the jar until I got to the top.

    Once the glue dried I finished applying the glue around the bottom of the jar and it was done.

    After completing and seeing the results, I think it looks better where the glue was only lightly applied (at the bottom) instead of more heavily (middle to the top) so I would suggest only lightly applying the hot glue by not pressing down the trigger all the way when applying.

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