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Quick, easy & healthy dinner

Posted by English Ginger from Newport, England, United Kingdom • Published See English Ginger's 30 projects »

  • Step 1

    Boil your water and cook your pasta.
    Cut the courgette into slices and then into halves, or any other way if you prefer.
    In a wok fry your bacon bits, drain the excess oil and then add the courgette.
    Add a little pepper to the wok and cook on a low heat until courgette is ready.
    Drain the pasta and add it to the wok with the bacon and courgette.
    Add a decent amount of pesto to it and mix together letting all ingredients become covered in pesto.
    Serve and add the cubes of feta cheese on top, or grated cheese of your choice.
    Cut the tomatoes and add as extra to your plate. I also add a bit of extra pepper to the tomatoes and some basil for a bit of extra flavour.

    Eat and enjoy! Its delicious!

    P.S This is also delicious to add mushrooms in this menu together in the wok with the bacon and courgette.

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