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Simple, easy and painless gore :)
I didn't do a step by step tutorial as I originally planned, as I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out.

(Working with scar wax is a real bitch sometimes, am I right?)
Anyways, I can provide written instructions though.

1. Get your scar wax and mould a generous size into a ball between your hands. Once you've done that, apply to where you want the wound and smooth it onto the skin. Do not smooth it flat however. Just make sure it's stuck to the skin. This part is optional but I applied a little bit of foundation over my wax to make it look like my skintone but like I said - this is optional :) I personally think the white wax colour works best.
2. Leave it for a few minutes to settle down. Once you've done that, grab something (not too sharp!) to cut through the wax gently. This will open the wax to create that open wound effect.
3. Use your eyeliner to colour the inside of your wound black. This will make your cut look deep when you add the blood.
4. Add your blood and you're done!

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Annie A.
Annie A.
I'm totally doing this for Halloween!!

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