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Make your child’s heart jump for joy!
Spell out the letters of your little girl or boy’s name in gorgeous colours using clever embossing, stenciling, woodburning and glitterglue techniques. Simply buy the items listed below and follow our instructions. Your child will love this personal touch to their bedroom whether you stand the letters on their mantelpiece for a birthday surprise or fix them on the back of their door adding hooks for clothes or stick them to the walls to create a lovely piece of art.

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  • How to make a letter. Decorated Letters - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take the first wooden letter and towards the upper left corner, use an embossing pen to mark a star shape through a stencil. Quickly sprinkle embossing powder over the shape then heat it using the Dremel Versatip and hot air tip to fuse the powder and emboss your design. Repeat with different star and spiral shapes using the picture as a guide for colour and positioning. Tip: Use a fine paintbrush to carefully remove any stray specks of embossing powder before you heat it.

  • How to make a letter. Decorated Letters - Step 2
    Step 2

    On the right of the same letter, run trails of glitter glue across the surface using the Dremel Glue Gun fitted with a glitterstick. As you work, push several flat-backed gems onto the letter, embedding them into the glue before it dries. Carefully peel up trails of glue that extend over the edge of the letter and trim them off so that the edges remain free of decoration. Continue to add extra detail by decorating the embossed shapes with sequins and flat-backed gems.

  • How to make a letter. Decorated Letters - Step 3
    Step 3

    Finally, use the Versatip fitted with the wood-burning tip to burn small dots or flower shapes into the surface of the letter, scattering them between the embossed stars, as shown.

  • How to make a letter. Decorated Letters - Step 4
    Step 4

    Carry on using these techniques to decorate the surfaces of all the letters of your child’s name.

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shirley.g.watts · Boksburg, Gauteng, ZA
love this, i have a new dremmel glue gun and am in desperete need of ideas so i can get busy, esp on making cards with embossed glue slitter sticks etc etc

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