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The hat that the lead singer was wearing!
When I first saw the video for Decode, by Paramore, I immediately became obsessed with the hat that the lead singer was wearing! I stared at video screen caps for a couple of days, than decided to cast on and try to make the hat! The first version was good, but I’ve since decided that it wasn’t quite as floppy as the one worn in the video. This new version is a little longer, causing a bit more slouch in the hat. It’s very comfortable, and very easy to knit! Those wanting to try an easy cable pattern will have a lot of fun with this hat!

I used 2 skeins of Jiffy Lion Brand in Violet. Any lighter bulky weight or heavier worsted weight should work.

*note- I didn't put the bobbles in specific places. I just scattered them throughout the hat, in the purl sections only.

The bobble stitch pattern is:
knit, purl, knit into 1 stitch
turn, purl 3
turn knit 3
turn purl 3
turn, pass st 2nd and 3rd over first st, then knit into the back of that st. Continue with purl sts.

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  • Step 1

    With Smaller circular needle CO 96 sts.
    Join without twisting, and pm.
    Work 2x4 rib for 4" (knit 4, purl 2)
    Switch to larger circular needles
    Next row: Purl 12, k6. repeat to end of round. At the same time, increase 12 sts evenly. 108 sts.
    Rows 1-5: purl 12, k6 across
    Row 6: purl 12, c6f, p12
    Repeat those 6 rows, while working bobbles in on the purl sections until you have worked 7 cables.
    Next row: purl 10, p2tog, k6, p2tog, p10.
    Repeat this decrease pattern, decreasing 1 st before and after each cable, until you end on a row 6, switching to dpn's when necessary.
    Next row: Knit 2 together, until 8 sts remain.
    Cut yarn, leaving a 10"tail. Thread with tapestry needle, and run through live stitches, pulling taunt.
    Weave in all lose ends.

    Fold brim, rock out like Hayley Williams from Paramore!



Marilyn N.
Marilyn N.
I love it!
Her name is Hayley Williams, by the way. Happy
Soundsargent · Weldon, Saskatchewan, CA · 2 projects
I love Paramore! My friends moms are derby girls too.
Rachelle C.
Rachelle C. · Los Angeles, California, US
can you do this in crochet?
kalen s.
kalen s. · Topeka, Kansas, US · 1 project
after making this hat, here's my advice to anyone who wants to: the most tedious part is the 4-inch band at the beginning. once you get past that, you'll fly through the rest Happy
Nicky · Scottsboro, Alabama, US
Wow, this is really awesome! Purple is my #1 color. I understood all of it but the c6f, what is that?
Kristine · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 14 projects
This is really awesome and I wish I knew how to knit so I could make it right away!
Its Sexy!!! Happy i love it lol... might make it for my girlfriend ^^
hammy h.
hammy h. · 2 projects
WOW!you did an amazing job^^
but i just started knitting
and i dont really understand all
the abbreviations...
can you please make a key for it?

carmen · 1 project
the lead singer is Hayley Williams
i love paramore
Crystal E.
Crystal E. · Tucson, Arizona, US · 1 project
Cables aren't that hard, Twizzler, assuming you have a needle to lift the stitches for the cable onto, they almost make themselves. I say give it a try! You never know until you make the attempt.
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