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This flower is easy to make, and can be used in many different ways!!!
This flower is a pattern put together using many flower sizes and styles, and a bit of creation. It can be used as many things, you can attach them to key rings, or stick them on a present for your friends for extra decoration. It also looks nice as a clip, if you slide a cerby grip through it, or a safety pin for a broach!!! Its a good flower for beginners, as it is effective but simple to create. Also mix and match with your own colours to make the right flower to suit you!!! enjoy!! :)

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  • How to make a flowers & rosettes. Crocheted Flower!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    The pattern for this flower is simple, it is simply three flowers, each slightly bigger than the last and sewn on top of each other.

    Tip: if it doesn't look like you can fit all 5 petals on slide the petals around the flower for more room.

  • Step 2

    First flower(smallest):
    5 chain, slip stich into first of 5 ch.
    2ch, 2 treble, 2ch, slip stitch.

    Repeat 5 times to make all five petals.

    After last ss, fasten off.

  • Step 3

    second flower(medium):
    7ch, ss into first of 7 ch.
    3ch, 3treble 3 ch, ss into chain.

    repeat 5 times for all petals. after last ss, fasten off.

  • Step 4

    Third flower(largest):
    10ch, ss into first of 20 ch.
    3ch, 4 treble, 3ch ss into chain.

    Repeat 5 times for all petals.

    after last ss fasten off.

  • Step 5

    now with a darning needle sew all of the three flowers together smallest on top, and there you have it your crocheted flower Enjoy!! Don't forget to favourite!! x

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Ellesdot · London, GB · 20 projects
Thankyou I really apprieciate your commentsHappy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw so tiny and sweet , love it, thank you for sharing this and for all your effords to write the tute;XD

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