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Create A Snow Blossom!

A Beautiful Holiday Wall Ornament! • Posted by Lanie V.

Great way to dress up your home for the holidays without spending the cash.

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Great way to dress up your home for the holidays without spending the cash.


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    You will need 14 pieces of scrapbook paper measuring 6 inches x 6 inches. You will need 10 pieces of a complimentary scrapbook paper measuring 4 inches x 4 inches You will need 1/2 piece of blank copy paper for the fringed centre. You will need 3 pieces of heavier cardstock measuring about 2 inches by two inches for the backing...

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    Take your piece of paper ( 6 inches x 6 inches)...

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    Fold it corner to corner with the patterned side facing out as shown.

  4. Small sb33 1290742534

    Start with the left hand corner, and bring the point up to the tip of the triangle.

  5. Small sb37 1290742649

    Now finish the crease as shown.

  6. Small sb1 1290742746

    Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other this.

  7. Small sb10 1290742822

    Start with the left hand side again, pulling the flap back on itself as shown.

  8. Small sb39 1290742944

    Complete the crease as shown, repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other side.

  9. Small sb4 1290743024

    Here we are...this is what your module should look like now. :)

  10. Small sb32 1290743121

    Now stick your index finger inside the left flap as shown.

  11. Small sb5 1290743191

    ...and flatten out like this. Do the same for the right side.

  12. Small sb9 1290743283

    Okay, this is what you should have so far.

  13. Small sb38 1290743380

    Left flap again...Simply fold down the tip as far as it will go. Crease.

  14. Small sb26 1290743487

    Fold down the tip on the right flap as far as it will go. This is what your module looks like so far.

  15. Small sb27 1290743596

    Left flap again...See picture...fold up the left half of the flap.

  16. Small sb40 1290743774

    Just like this..... Let's do the other side...

  17. Small sb15 1290743860

    Okay...this is what your module looks like now.

  18. Small sb31 1290743936

    Add a glue dot to the left flap...Do you see it?

  19. Small sb20 1290744001

    Start bring the flaps together as shown. The glue dot creates an instant bond.

  20. Small sb35 1290744153

    Congrats! You've made your first make another one.....

  21. Small sb18 1290744233

    Now add a glue dot to the side of the module shown here.

  22. Small sb22 1290744295

    Stick the two together. Continue until you make a complete circle which will be a total of 14 modules.

  23. Small sb36 1290744387

    Keep Going....

  24. Small sb28 1290744474

    Great job! Now lets reinforce the back a little bit....

  25. Small sb12 1290744689

    Take a 2 inch x 2 inch piece of heavy cardstock and put a couple pieces of double sided tape on it.

  26. Small sb7 1290744882

    I stuck a slightly smaller piece on top of it (so you could easily see) and reinforces the project.

  27. Small sb41 1290745021

    Add double sided tape to the other side of the bright pink piece of card stock, and stick it directly onto the back. Nice and strong! :)

  28. Small sb16 1290745151

    Let's use our complimentary paper now in 4 inch x 4 inch squares...You will need a total of 10 modules to complete the inner ring....

  29. Small sb25 1290745245

    Here we go...same strategy as before to create these modules....

  30. Small sb13 1290745299

    Using a glue dot to the back of the module and to the side of the module (to stick these guys together to themselves AS WELL AS to the larger ring) complete the small ring...

  31. Small sb24 1290745437

    Keep going....

  32. Small sb19 1290745481

    There we go! Inner ring finished...Now for the centre....

  33. Small sb23 1290745612

    Using a strip of copy paper....create a fringe by cutting very thin strips about 2/3 of the way down as shown.

  34. Small sb17 1290745727

    Using your scissors, curl the fringed paper.

  35. Small sb21 1290745773

    Twist the uncut portion of the paper in a tube as shown. Use double sided tape to hold it in place, and then stick inside the centre of your snow blossom...make about three of these.

  36. Small sb34 1290745899

    Ta Da! You did it...Now for the ribbon....Turn over snow blossom...

  37. Small sb14 1290745958

    Add double sided tape, and stick decorative ribbon to it as shown.

  38. Small sb3 1290746031

    Add sa smaller piece of cardstock to the back to nicely hide the adhered ribbon. :)

  39. Small title 1290746090

    You did it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :) Lanie