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Based on Craft Decision Dice by Cat Morley
So usually I always have trouble deciding what to do when I have free time instead of wasting the day, then getting mad at myself, so I make this project! :D

The sides consist of (Yeah feel free to question my choices because some of these 14-year olds dont really like to do)


1) Hot Glue Gun Project (I have an obsession with this thing!) Also includes other non-sewing crafts
2) Sort (To get rid of old stuff and collect items to repurpose)
3) Sew
4) Clean (HAHA yeah you read it right. I have this weird thing where if I am extremely bored and nothing is working, I put on a good movie and organize..... Since this summer has been a flop, I've been watching "good movies" about 3 times every week :X)
5) Computer Surfing (MY FAVORITE! :D) I myself an a computer nerd and I spend my time coding websites or on crafting websites/my email/facebook
6) Repurpose (The actual act of repurposing. May also fall under sewing.)

Thats my cube! :D

Every square is 2x2 and the tabs I free-handed.

Warning- The top part sucks drinks. It is the most messed up part of my cube so take it easy...heheh...XD

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