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Based on Comic Shoes by Mia
I just loved this idea. So i made my own yay. These shoes were just white canvas. I used a glossy comic book and pva glue (we dont have modge podge in aust so this is probably equivalent) I added water to the glue so it would go further. Applied glue to shoe in sections then went over the comic again at the end. Hope you like them guys... and cheers for the idea!!

Posted by Stephanie from Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia • Published See Stephanie's 30 projects »

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Jolanda · Nederland, Colorado, US · 54 projects
You’ve done it beautiful! Did you make new ones for this summer?
they are such an amazing idea! me and some friends have entered a competition to make a recycled outfit and i thought these would be so cool for the shoes. however, the only old shoes we have to use are leather... will pva glue (or similar!) still stick to the leather??? please reply somebody!!!! thanks. x
rawr · Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, MY
i like it,
im gona try it.
Laura Collins
Laura Collins · 12 projects
I really do love those..
I must make some for this summer comming =D
Batman Ovc
Stephanie · Central Coast, New South Wales, AU · 31 projects
I actually dont wear them as im a preg and my feet size have changed slightly but technically if you apply the glue all over then they are water resistant but i wouldnt go splashing in puddles... as for cracking i am yet to find out!!
nina b.
nina b. · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
how do they hold up in the rain?
Mutantcarrot · United States, US · 8 projects
Those are bloody cool. Does it crack or anything like that?
Stephanie · Central Coast, New South Wales, AU · 31 projects
Thanks Jadeygirl!! I had never heard of it hey!! only through the american sites. So there you go. I'll visit Parramatta next time im there!! Can you think of anything else that would seal them?? My husband said something like a lacker spray?? I have no idea as im a sewer haha!!
Jadeygirl · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 9 projects
Hey Stephanie,
Love the shoes. Actually I live in Sydney and they do sell Mod Podge at one of my local arts and crafts stores for about $20 AUS, I found it in the glue section when I was trying to find acryllic sealer. You can buy it at RIOTS arts and crafts. These RIOT stores are usually found in westfields shopping centres.
Stephanie · Central Coast, New South Wales, AU · 31 projects
Hehe but yours are the original girl!!! You get all the credit!! I knew pva glue would turn newspaper to mache so hence the glossy... i guess then you can put any mag on your shoes... now there's an idea..
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