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Christmas Origami Box

Includes five variations. • Posted by natalie m.

A traditional origami box with a new take for Christmas.

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A traditional origami box with a new take for Christmas.


  1. Small 3128

    You will need 8 sheets of square paper. For the top, I used Christmas-themed scrapbook paper and for the bottom I used white cardstock for sturdiness. Of course you can use any paper if you want to make a gift box for another occassion.

  2. Small 3129

    FOR THE TOP: Crease sheet in half. Then the bottom half to the middle and crease. Then fold the top down edge down to the lowest fold and crease. Your paper will look like this. Keep unfolded.

  3. Small 3130

    Fold diagonally, then unfold.

  4. Small 3131

    Fold down corner to the edge of uppermost crease.

  5. Small 3132

    Fold side along the same line.

  6. Small 3133

    Fold bottom corner up along edge.

  7. Small 3134

    Fold last corner along the edges, you will get an envelope-looking sheet.

  8. Small 3135

    Fold the bottom point up to meet the top point. The top portion will be an "X".

  9. Small 3136

    Fold in half where the two points meet in the "X". Unfold.

  10. Small 3137

    Fold diagonally to the right along the edge of the "X". Unfold.

  11. Small 3138

    Fold diagonally to the left along the edge of the "X". Unfold.

  12. Small 3139

    Unfold the whole sheet. Turn to make a diamond shape. Take note of all the creases.

  13. Small 3140

    Fold the bottom corner up along its pre-existing creases. Then fold again along the preexisting crease. Make this shape. This is important because this will be the side of your box.

  14. Small 3141

    Unfold the last fold, leaving the bottom corner up.

  15. Small 3142

    Fold the left corner along the line.

  16. Small 3143

    Fold the corner below along from the fold to the point.

  17. Small 3144

    Fold in right side.

  18. Small 3145

    Fold in left side.

  19. Small 3146

    Turn over.

  20. Small 3147

    Fold to the left, diagonally along the "X". There will be a diamond at top of the reverse side.

  21. Small 3148

    Fold down (diamond in half)and under (the fold should be a valley between both sides).

  22. Small 3149

    Fold top to the right.

  23. Small 3150

    Fold upwards, meeting the bottom edge of the traingle to the center fold.

  24. Small 3151

    Fold the top to the left.

  25. Small 3152

    Fold to the right along triangle edge.

  26. Small 3153

    Fold down and right.

  27. Small 3154

    Fold the top corner down and to the right.

  28. Small 3155

    Unfold the top portion. Take note of all the creases.

  29. Small 3156

    Repeat steps 2-28, until you have four.

  30. Small 3157

    Open the bottom edges of all four. They will look like this.

  31. Small 3158

    Connect the four pieces by sliding the pointed edge of one under the triangle of another.

  32. Small 3159

    Two connected will look like this underneath.

  33. Small 3160

    When connected the bottom will look like this. NOTE: This part is the most difficult and will definately drive you crazy. I've been making these for years and I still go bonkers during this step.

  34. Small 3161

    Top #1. You can leave it just like this if you choose, but place a little piece of tape on the underneath side so the box stays together.

  35. Small 3162

    Top #2. By folding the corners under you will get this top. Again, for this top place a little tape under so the box doesn't come apart.

  36. Small 3163

    Top #3. Tuck in the corners again. This top will hold so no need for tape.

  37. Small 3164

    Top #4. Fold the corners again, then tuck. No tape needed for this top either.

  38. Small 3165

    Top #5. Fold the corners one more time the tuck. No tape needed, very secure.

  39. Small 3166

    FOR THE BOTTOM: Fold in half and open.

  40. Small 3167

    Fold top part in half. Then fold in half creating a vertical crease. Unfold, until you get this.

  41. Small 3168

    Fold bottom corner up to top and center edges.

  42. Small 3169

    Fold the corner up to the opposing top edge.

  43. Small 3170

    This will naturally fold out.

  44. Small 3171

    Repeat steps 39-43 until you get four pieces.

  45. Small 3172

    Connected by sliding one edge under another, staggering with each piece. NOTE: Again a very frustrating step.

  46. Small 3173

    This inside will look like this when you've connected them properly.

  47. Small 3174

    The outside of the bottom will look like this.

  48. Small 3175

    To complete the bottom, tuck the corners under the edges, staggering. NOTE: There will be a small hole in the bottom. So if you are going to place small objects inside the box like christmas candy or cookies, I recommend making a liner, so nothing falls out.

  49. Small 3176

    Put your top on your bottom and you are done!