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Cherry infused Vodka, for a little pip in your tip!
I made this as part of my 2008 Christmas Hampers. It's really easy but takes up to a month for it to be ready to drink.

You can use other fruits to infuse in vodka, citrus fruits are the easiest as they have a strong flavour and need less time to sit. Lavendar can be used also but it can take as long as 2-3 months for lavendar to infuse due to being a subtle flavour.

I chose cherries as they were in season at the time and were a little cheaper and more Christmasy!

Note: I only have the one photo of the process (which is the end product) as I started this project before discovering CO&K, so no progress pics. The next time I make some I will remember to take pics and update this tutorial!)

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  • How to make a spirit. Cherry Infused Vodka - Step 1
    Step 1

    Once you've prepared your fruit (removed pips, peeled and cleaned)place them in the jar. Take your vodka and pour into the jar with the fruit, making sure all the fruit is covered in vodka. Place a piece of wax paper on the rim of the jar and seal.

    Place the jar in a cool dark place.

    Check vodka weekly-fortnightly. Once you have the flavour you're after take the vodka and strain the fruit out.

    At this point you can crush the fruit to get more juice out or you can use the fruit in cooking.

    I normally crush the cherries and discard the flesh as cherries become "bleached" once used in vodka and don't have a very appetising apearance.

    Note: My dad enjoys pinching some of the cherries and putting them in a glass of lemonade (he's very pleased with a "lemonade" at the end of a long day)

    Pour strained vodka back into bottles and label.

    Give them as gifts or keep them for yourself and enjoy an infused vodka at your next dinner party!

    Remeber to drink responsibly and NEVER DRINK & DRIVE!

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BitterSweet · 2 projects
I'm so going to make this! But I think you should have added that you need to put the jars in an oven before putting the cherry/vodka mix in them, because that completely sterilizes the jar. Happy
Sarahhhhhh · Chicago, Illinois, US · 3 projects
My mom does this with cranberries! And she makes shot glasses out of chocolate. It's pretty amazing.

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