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Based on Ceiling Light Fixture Cheap! by Liddlehopper
I got this idea from http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/ceiling-light-fixture-cheap but the link doesn't appear to work anymore.
SO this is my version of Cassie H~* light, which i've made into a lamp (just by flipping the basket upside down lol)

I had a tall floor lamp we've held onto waiting to find a new light fitting for and when I saw this idea I had to try it out [=

*Just find an old hanging basket and clean it up, or buy a new one if you like. If your going to use it as a lamp rather than a ceiling light, make sure the basket has a hole in the bottom to fit over the light.
*Line the inside with a thin paper or material (i have used rice paper), I've had to cut mine into 18 strips so that they lay evenly on the inside of the basket, but make sure they don't overlap or it will show when you turn your light on.
*I've used sticky tape to join my paper together, and then sat it inside the basket, but if you're going to hang it from the ceiling you might need to use superglue, I tried using a glue gun but the glue would not stick to the basket, and craft glue might melt under the heat of the light.
*you can keep the chain on the basket to hang it from the roof, but i've taken it off and sat the basket onto the lamp stand and it fits perfectly.

Later I might alter this and put gems inside those small loops you see at the top of the basket, I'll update this if/when I do [=

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Kelly · Broken Hill, New South Wales, AU · 9 projects
Thanks Cassie!
Im just happy I finally have a light fitting for my broken lamp, no more starring straight at the bulb hehe
Liddlehopper · Antwerp, Ohio, US · 21 projects
I am so impressed! I like it very much, makes me giddy to know I was inspiration hehe <3!!

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