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Make Cardamom Cold Brew Date Latte with Demitasse in Los Angeles

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  • Step 1

    Let's start by making the date syrup that we'll use in both drinks:
    Take the 100g of dates and pit them. Muddle them in a saucepan or small pot with 300g of water and put on low heat. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally and then strain.

  • Step 2

    Take 100g of coffee. Add 10g of cardamom pods and put them all in a French Press or a jar that you can filter out later. Take 200g of hot water and "bloom" the coffee/cardamom mix by using a spoon to make sure all the coffee and cardamom are saturated with hot water.
    Give that a minute and then add 400g of cold water over it. Steep overnight and then strain out the coffee the next day.
    (side note - this cold brew is freaking delicious on it's own. Seriously. Just add some honey and milk to it and you have a fantastic coffee drink).

  • Step 3

    Take 2oz of that mix, toss in 2oz of coconut cream and 2oz of date syrup and throw all of that in a mixer with some ice and shake shake shake. Strain out into a martini glass and you're good to go.

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