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They don't make girls super hero clothes so we made our own(WILL WORK FOR ADULT SIZES OF COURSE TOO)
My daughter loves super hero's but they just don't sell girls super hero clothing. . . so we just made our own

Posted by ChristineMarie from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States • Published See ChristineMarie's 94 projects »

  • How to sew a costume dress. Captain America. . . Girly Style - Step 1
    Step 1

    take a circle skirt pattern. . .dont have one?? no problem :D

    make the center circle quite a bit bigger than your waist say about 3 inches then measure how long you want it and add about 2 inches and make the outer circle that far out FROM THE INNER

  • Step 2

    now that you have that. cut your pattern in half. then half again. then half again. there is your wedge. put it down on pattern paper agian and add about .5 inches around the sides( this will be used to sew them together

  • Step 3

    now cut 4 red and 4 white.

  • Step 4

    Put them a red with each of the white RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER(THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!) AND SAME ORDER (white on bottom red on top or vice versa) THIS IS IMPORTANT TOO!!

  • Step 5

    sew along one edge(make sure it is the same edge on each. then put two of your new sets of two right sides together and sew along one edge again. then do it with the final 2 pieces. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR COLORS ARE ALTERNATING!!! Always MAKE SURE YOUR RIGHT SIDES ARE TOGETHER WHEN SEWING TOO!!!

  • Step 6

    take blue fabric and follow a simple dress top pattern(i however just used the top to a dollar store tshirt and with the cut off part made the ties in the back. Applique a star to the front then with right sides together sew the bottom or the shirt to the top of the skirt. add a form of tie and there you have the dress

  • Step 7

    FLIP FLOPS: take some white flip flops crochet blue around the whole strap. crochet a red flower and attach(COLORS CAN BE SWITCHED) cut a shield out of felt and glue to middle of flower then add a star.

    HAIR CLIP: crochet rose and add to clip

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KoraWho · Chicago, Illinois, US · 7 projects
adorable! im gonna have to make one of these for my daughter Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
This is so cute! I'm going to haveto make one for myself and wear it for 4th of July!
ChristineMarie · Cincinnati, Ohio, US · 110 projects
hehe thats what i said to her. now you have a 4th of july outfit and a captain america outfitt Tongue

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