michelle k.
michelle k.
I just completed a "practice" pincushion and it turned out great. My grand-daughter enjoyed picking out materials in the fat squares/quilting dept. I used 1/2 of a 00 steel wool pad and 2 layers of a high loft quilting batting for the filling. I completed the first step with Tacky Glue rather than hot glue gun - hot glue probably better, but not as "user friendly" for children...
michelle k.
michelle k.
My grand-daughter and I picked up jars this evening! She is a crafter also, and I thought these would make a great reasonably priced gift from her. After reading some of the issues - I plan on making a practice one so our sessions go smoothly - she will love picking out materials for people she wants to make a jar for. I read up on the "stuffing" and some advise to add steel wool so the pins don't become dull (00 grade). I also plan on using batting instead of cotton balls. I want to make sure the jar closes. We are going to fill jars with safety pins, buttons, and, if I can find some, basic "travel" threads...and top with straight pins and pre-threaded needles (someone gave me that idea, how nice for older folks to have a pre-threaded needle - basic white, black, and dark blue...HAPPY TO FIND THIS SITE! will let you know how ours turn out....
Willow Bon-Bon
Willow Bon-Bon · London, GB · 29 projects
Inspiring Idea. I love it!
Lauren N.
Lauren N. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
This is a super cute idea! Although I will admit... I ran into a bit of trouble. Happy

No matter how much i tried... I still had a few creases in the sides (though thats probably just my incompetence with fabric xD)

And when I glued the cushion the band, I didn't push firmly enough so now the lid wont screw into the jar... (I'll have to find a way to undo what I've done.)

And the last tidbit? Don't over-stuff the cushion! If you do, you can't stick your pins in very far. (I used cotton balls, it seems that I packed in so many, it became too dense for my pins to pierce.)

So make sure you pay attention when you work on this! Don't make the same mistakes I did XD. I'll be trying again soon, armed with more knowledge.

Thanks for the How-To!
live2create · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 13 projects
wonderful idea!! Happy
Sylvie P.
Sylvie P. · 1 project
This is so cute! I might make this as a christmas present for someone... And I could fill the jar with some pretty ribbon and buttons Happy) Excellent idea, thank you
ɐɯlɐ! · 1 project
that looks so cute,
but its so easy! Happy
44flowers · Midwest, Wyoming, US
I have my pins in a small tupperware container...this is much better! Gotta love the dual usage. Great quick gift for fellow crafters too. Love it, thank you!
Eszti · Dunakeszi, Pest County, HU · 42 projects
oooh, pretty :]
mangolicious · New Delhi, Delhi, IN · 4 projects
i love the fabric Happy...very cute..
mx2junky · 1 project
Candice C.
Candice C. · Wylie, Texas, US · 49 projects
my mom had a large jar like this with a colorful polkadot fabric on top and sometimes there'd be candy in it - it was usually hidden on top of the fridge, but I'd find it! brings back good childhood memories to see this project Happy