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Create a burgundy burlesque look
This whole post has been building since Thursday morning when I was on Pinterest. Roaming through the hair and beauty section for trends, I saw a picture of the most gorgeous burgundy eyeshadow. Now, I know my MAC collections and I instantly knew it wasn’t one of them….In fact, that is a big area where MAC is lacking. They have Cranberry and Deep Damson but Cranberry is a little more pinky gold than a true burgundy and Deep Damson has a tendency to look a little purple instead of red (even though I adore them both!). Anyway..as soon as I saw this shadow, I knew I was going to buy it (I really am not an instant purchase kind of gal…it has to really grab me and be special). So the link from Pinterest took me right over to the Makeup Geek website…if you haven’t been there before, it is a great site devoted to makeup tutorials, forums and photos and now they have a store with some great well known products and they even have their own line-which is where I purchased this Burlesque shadow. I ordered it Thursday AM…it came to my sisters on Saturday and she handed it off to me today and I immediately did this tutorial because I couldn’t wait to use it! (I will be doing a review on these shadows at a later date!)Products Used: MAC Eyeshadow in “Mythology”, Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in “Burlesque”, Maybelline Gel liner in “Blackest Black”, MAC Paint Pot in “Soft Ochre”

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You Will Need

  • How to create a smokey eye. Burgundy Burlesque Eyeshadow - Step 1
    Step 1

    Apply concealer to the entire lid up to the brow, all around the eye and underneath the eye. Set with powder. Apply your eyeshadow primer…I used MAC’s Paint Pot in “Soft Ochre”. Using a stiff brush, apply “Burlesque” to the top of the lid stopping just past the crease. I also dragged that color down underneath the eye to the lashline-thick. I wanted this look to extend out diagonally instead of being more rounded so I did a little trick. I grabbed a piece of paper and held the edge diagonally underneath the eye pointing toward my brow…then I filled in the shadow from there so that the paper stopped it and created a nice diagonal. It should look something like this:

  • How to create a smokey eye. Burgundy Burlesque Eyeshadow - Step 2
    Step 2

    Using a stiff brush, apply “Mythology” right above where you ended your application of “Burlesque” from corner to corner. It should look something like this:

  • How to create a smokey eye. Burgundy Burlesque Eyeshadow - Step 3
    Step 3

    Using your big fluffy, blend, blend ,blend these colors together. Using your stiff brush, apply a highlight from the brow bone down into the inner corner. Using your fluffy, blend your highlight out a bit. Apply your fake lashes. I used a new kind of lash that I will be writing about soon! Go over any excess glue with your gel liner. Apply gel liner to the waterline and smudge some into the lashline. Your final product should look something like this:

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MegaraMegumi · Fernley, Nevada, US
Love your tutorials! You are so gorgeous!

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