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So I was getting fed up with all my jewellery hanging around and needed somewhere to store it all, then I came across this little beauty! I had all the stuff in the house anyway and because I had too much cardboard I thought why not make two :) I just have to buy a few more bracelets to fill them both (oh damn...). I used rolled up cardboard instead of loo/kitchen rolls.

After making these two I then thought about my rings! I made a little one for those and because I made it a little big, my rings don't go all the way to the bottom but that's no problem at all because I have anklets that need to be stored somewhere! Wehay! Two in one.

I did the two bracelet/bangle stands in blue with silver detail and the ring stand contrasts :)

Thanks so much Pavlov, I now have a neat dresser and organised jewellery :)


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