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easy, cute, and not to heavy to actually wear!
super simple, I just liked a pair of pelligrino bottle caps, and, I like wearing studs better than hanging earrings.
I did very little work, but I like the way they looked, so I hope you make a pair too!
I would love to see your
(again, due to my laziness and lack of bottle caps, no photos with how to :[) (but its really straight forward, you shouldnt have any troubles)

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  • Step 1

    pound your bottle caps ( i used pellegrino bottle caps, but you could use soda caps, beer caps, even metal wine caps, anything metal will do!) flat, with the hammer, very slowly.

  • Step 2

    once flattened( its important they're pretty flat, or else you wont be able to fit a backing on the back of your earring stud when you're finished!), take the nail and randomly place it on the bottle cap, and then strike once with the hammer, in about ten places. ( you can skip this step if you want, but I like the weathered look it gives to the cap)

  • Step 3

    near the top of the cap place the nail, and strike it with the hammer. This time you need to make a clear hole, so whack it again if you didnt make a large-ish even hole.

  • Step 4

    repeat with other cap, in a symmetrical fashion.

  • Step 5

    stick a nice earring stud through the hole at the top of the cap, on each, and put em on :]



iimaginexthat · Chicago, Illinois, US · 12 projects
hahah how coool. i make bottle cap earrings too...only yours are so much simpler lol just smash it, poke a hole throught it and put the earring in lol i'm definitely going to try this.
OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!! i LOVE recycled and retro jewelry like this!!!!

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