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Kill those zits and blast redness fast!
I get zits very frequently, as I have quite the oily skin on my face. I've tried dozens of spot treatments and masks, however, I find sea salt to be the most effective in busting spots. I suggest anyone with a zit gives this a try.

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  • Step 1

    In a tiny bowl, add your tablespoon of sea salt. I reccommend using sea salt or any other kind of natural salt- table salt is not reccommended. Add literally a couple droplets of water and mix until it becomes a paste. The sea salt should not dissolve completely. If it does, add more salt- until there is a paste-like consistency going on.

  • Step 2

    Apply the paste to all zits on your face. I leave it on anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours- until the salt has dried is best. Then simply and GENTLY "dust" the salt off your skin. You should notice that most redness has vanished and the zit itself is looking much better. Repeat this on a daily basis until those pesky pimples dissappear.

  • Step 3

    Just wanted to note that this is great as a face mask as well, and that when you are rinsing it off your face it is wise to make use of the granules for exfoliation.

    Also, I have used (instead of water) the juice of a cucumber and the juice of a tomato. I have even added a dab of honey to the mix when using it as a spot treatment. Try experimenting- however, the simple water and salt mixture is extremely effective.




Sk8t3r4lif3 xx
Sk8t3r4lif3 xx · Auckland, Auckland, NZ · 2 projects
THANKS (: BEauty Pro .... ^^ Finally Something mite work! Hahah.... BUt.. i bet that would BUrn~~ Feel the burn xD
:) · Chicago, Illinois, US · 35 projects
Cool! You said "dust" it off? Does that mean you are not suppose to rinse your face? Also should you just use your fingers to apply it? I think I will try this......right after I get some sea salt!
Visakha P.
Visakha P. · 2 projects
another way is to get a cotton an get WARM water (not boiling) just normal warm sink water and then dip in, and then get some salt (any salt) and dip that in too and put it on ur zit or pimple. I tried it. And hope it works
Visakha P.
Visakha P. · 2 projects
u get sea salt at publix
Deanna H.
Deanna H. · Uhrichsville, Ohio, US · 3 projects
Where do you get sea salt?
Anoosha A.
Anoosha A.
im going 2 try hope it works :/
Ben · 1 project
@elimasmx: is the reason not that salt absorbs water, and so dries out the pimple?
MaggPye_xo · Hamilton, Ontario, CA · 2 projects
After finding this, and reading it, I knew it would work very well to zap zits. I just tried it, and I was surprised at how much of the redness it took away. Probably will be red again in the morning though. But certainly will keep it up to clear my face. Happy

I didn't crush my epsom salt crystals though. I just stuck them on my face. It worked fine that way too. Crushing it to a paste would probably just make it stay a little better at first. Will try that next time.
* Crafty Creator *
* Crafty Creator * · 7 projects
hey, it's easier to use a pestle and mortar to crush the seasalt into a paste.
Almost Insane
Almost Insane · 5 projects
I am SO trying this! Hopefully the zits will stay gone . . . I have total faith in this product though.
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