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Make this wool felt and cotton Christmas wreath in a weekend!
So happy to be sharing my Bird and Bell Wreath with you just in time for Christmas! Tying the cotton and ribbon strips to the wreath is surprisingly relaxing and great way to relieve Christmas-stress.

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  • How to make a fabric wreath. Bell And Bird Christmas Wreath - Step 1
    Step 1

    Making the Wreath:

    1. Cut 4x ¾” strips of 10 different fabrics.
    2. Cross cut these strips, and the three different ribbons for the outside of the wreath into 7” pieces. (Tip: this process is much faster if you pile the strips on top of each other and rotary cut. Accuracy doesn’t matter too much).
    3. Tie the six pieces of grosgrain ribbons at regular intervals around the galvanized ring with a double knot to add bulk.
    4. Next, choose a fabric strip and tie it next to the grosgrain and so on, using the same fabric combination at each interval, until the wreath is filled. Remember to push the fabrics together every now and then until there is no room to move between them to insure you have a lovely, full wreath.

  • How to make a fabric wreath. Bell And Bird Christmas Wreath - Step 2
    Step 2

    Making the Bird:

    1. Trace the bird pattern onto template plastic.
    2. Fold the fat tenth of fabric for the bird in half widthways, right sides together.
    3. Trace around the template onto the wrong side of the fabric using your favourite fabric marker. I centered a poinsettia onto the curve of the back of the bird. My bird is facing towards the right, so I traced it facing towards the left as the direction will change when the bird is turned right side out.
    4. Pin the fabrics together and sew around the bird shape with a small stitch length (approx 1.5), double stitching at the beak and the tip of the tail for strength. Leave a 4cm gap at the base of the bird for turning through.
    5. Cut around the sewn bird shape approx 5mm from the sewing line. Clip the curves.
    6. Turn the bird right side out. Stuff lightly using a tool such as a chopstick to poke the stuffing into the beak and tail.
    7. Slip stitch the base closed.
    8. Draw a crescent for the eye with a fabric marker on the side that will face outwards from the wreath. Stitch the eye with two strands of embroidery thread using a backstitch. I stitched over the eyes a few times for depth, and hid the knot inside the bird.

  • How to make a fabric wreath. Bell And Bird Christmas Wreath - Step 3
    Step 3

    Making the Hearts:

    1. Make the wool felt hearts in the same manner as the bird. Begin by tracing the large and small heart templates onto the felt. Pin the fabric together.

    2. Machine stitch the hearts using a small stitch length (approx 1.5), double stitching the point for strength. Leave a 3cm gap on the side of the big heart, and a 2cm gap for the small heart, for turning.
    3. Cut the sewn heart shapes out approx 5mm from the stitching line. Clip the curves and cut off the tip of the point close to the stitching line.
    4. Turn the hearts inside out and stuff. Slip stitch the edges closed.

  • How to make a fabric wreath. Bell And Bird Christmas Wreath - Step 4
    Step 4

    Making the Wreath Centre:

    1. Cut the spotty ribbon to approximately 60cm in length.
    2. You will now make the loop from which the wreath will hang from the door. Fold the top of the ribbon at approximately 10cm. At 4cm from the fold tie a knot to form a loop.
    3. Centre the loop at the top of the wreath and secure the ribbon to the wreath by placing the ribbon around the top of the wreath and turning the raw edge of the shortest side under at the back. Sew the two pieces of ribbon together inside the wreath, close to the wreath to attach.
    4. Now fold the bottom of the ribbon under, towards the top of the wreath, wrong sides together. The ribbon should now measure 25cm from the top of the wreath to the fold in the ribbon. This leaves room for your bell to dangle down. The fold in the ribbon strengthens the ribbon providing a firm base for the hearts and bird.
    5. Sew the back of the small heart to the ribbon with the dip in the top of the heart measuring approx 9cm from the top of the wreath.
    6. Sew the back of the bird onto the ribbon with the centre of the curve in the bird’s back measuring approx 2cm from the bottom of the heart.
    7. Sew the large heart approx 2cm from the bottom of the bird.
    8. Sew the bell to the bottom fold of the ribbon with multiple stitches in a thread which matches the bell.

  • How to make a fabric wreath. Bell And Bird Christmas Wreath - Step 5
    Step 5

    Enjoy your finished wreath!

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