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A homemade pan cooked "pizza"
Sometimes you don't want to go out for dinner, you don't even feel like ordering food
Compared to traditional pizzas, the one presented here is much softer. As long as you have a non-stick pan, it can be done in no time at all. It also has the advantage of using leftover bread and you can adapt the recipe with what you have in your cupboard

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  • How to cook a stove top pizza. Bread Pan Pizza - Step 1
    Step 1

    - Cut the bread into slices - you can mix different types of breads
    - Beat the milk, eggs and a pinch of salt in a deep plate. Arrange the slices of bread in the plate let them soak;
    - Prepare all the ingredients: dissolve the tomato paste with the mozzarella water, dice the pepper and the chorizo ​​slices into quarters
    - Heat a little oil in a non-stick pan. When it is hot arrange the slices of bread as tightly as possible to cover the bottom of the pan. Pour over the rest of the egg / milk mixture

  • How to cook a stove top pizza. Bread Pan Pizza - Step 2
    Step 2

    - garnish the "pizza": cover it with tomato paste, diced peppers, slices of chorizo ​​and mozzarella.
    - Cover and cook over at low heat - when the mozzarella begins to melt the "pizza" is ready.
    - slide it from the pan onto the dish, add the chopped parsley and basil leaves

    you can replace the mozzarella with grated cheese, the tomato paste with tomato sauce and so on ...

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