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no party is complete without a SUPER party banner!

Posted by fetisha from Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States • Published See fetisha's 36 projects »

  • Step 1

    First you need some Batman logos. if you are awesome and have a printer, then you can easily get this project done MUCH faster than me. Unfortunately, my printer died so i had to enlarge a saved image, tape a sheet of white paper to the computer screen, and trace the bat. Then i cut it out and used it as a stencil for tracing the bats onto black paper. I did the same thing with the oval, tracing onto the yellow poster board. I had to draw a larger oval, stencil that onto the poster board, trim away the outer edge, and re-trace a smaller oval (you'll know why in a sec if you're feeling lost). Then cut it all out (only around the outer oval tracing), and carefully glue the bats onto the yellow ovals. The space that's between the oval tracing? You get to color that in with a black Sharpie now. Let the headache begin! (i really miss my printer)

  • How to make bunting. Batman Party Banner - Step 2
    Step 2

    So now you have lots of pretty Batman logos, and they need to go on triangles. Really, you could use almost any shape; i almost went for rectangles (to be hung vertically) but liked the way the triangle looked. i found the easiest way to cut them out was to use a ruler as a straight edge for my razor to follow and cut on top of a self-healing mat. it worked best to make 2 swipes- first going only about halfway, then going over again all the way through. if i tried pressing too hard to make only 1 pass, i was more likely to slip.
    so after those are cut out, position and glue your Batman logos on.

  • How to make bunting. Batman Party Banner - Step 3
    Step 3

    now you get to punch holes in the top 2 corners and string it up!

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