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Nothing can stop this Adorable Crime-Fighting Duo!
i'm sure most of you have seen the picture going around with 2 little girls in outfits similar to these with the caption something along the lines of "Mom wanted them to be princesses, but the girls wanted to be Batman. This was the result" well, several people sent the picture to me saying it looked like something my girls would want to do, and of course when my girls saw the picture they said that was exactly what they wanted to do for Halloween this year :)
for Batman, i used the same shirt i made for her Batman birthday party last year since it still fit and i was pressed for time anyway. Robin's top was a plain red t-shirt i altered by cutting off the hems along the bottom of the shirt, the sleeves, and the neck, then cinched them up with black ribbon at the sleeves and the sides of the shirt at the bottom so it looked more "girly". the patches are made from felt. both masks are made from foam. the tutus are the no-sew style you can find a million tutorials on. i also made the hair bows. hopefully i can get some better pictures soon, these were rushed before we had to leave for their school's Trick or Treat night.
update- i added a couple pictures from Halloween night when we staged some real quick fight scenes :D still no great close-ups of the costumes cos, well, YOU try telling some kids who are excited to go get free candy that they have to stand still while mommy takes pictures! (that's me in the Harley Quinn costume- i made the skirt by making my own pattern from a Tripp skirt i already owned, and i made the fake leather vest thingy and the mini jester hat)

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Emmyann07 · Sacramento, California, US · 49 projects
too cute!
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
thank you Happy for trick or treating i wore my Harley Quinn costume so i would match Happy

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