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Perfect for costumes, eventwear, hallowe'en, or...who knows?...an actual wedding!

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  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 1
    Step 1

    Select your fabric. Most types of sheer fabric should work, although some of the stiffest and most voluminous can unfortunately also be the scratchiest! One way to solve this is by using multiple fabrics, and layering on the softer fabrics near the skin and the scratchier fabrics ontop – here, I'm using ivory organic cotton voile, with white tulle net ontop.

  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 2
    Step 2

    Take the ribbon/fabric strip, wrap it round your head, and measure the length it takes to go round completely (e.g this is 23'' for me, but your measurement is likely to be shorter without large dreadlocks adding volume!). The ends of this ribbon/stripe must be prevented from fraying, so if you plan to fold the ends under and stitch them to achieve this, add 1'' onto the measurement for a seam allowance. Cut. Seal the ends to prevent fraying, with whichever method you prefer.

  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 3
    Step 3

    Measure how far down your back you'd like the longest part of the veil to go. Cut to this length whichever fabric you've chosen as a bottom layer. Cut the width of this piece of fabric to double the measurement of the ribbon/fabric strip (e.g for me, 23'' x 2 = 46''). There are many different shapes and styles of veil, some intricately folded and gathered, but I'm keeping it simple for this one with two basic rectangle shapes.

  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 4
    Step 4

    Take the fabric you've chosen as a top layer, and cut a piece of this fabric half as long as the bottom layer but the same width (e.g for me, 46'' wide again). Many types of net do not fray, but if you think the fabric you're using might fray, hem both pieces of fabric with a narrow hem on every raw edge.

  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 5
    Step 5

    Run a gather stitch along the longest (46'' wide) edges of the fabric pieces – this is the longest stitch setting on your sewing machine, or a very long running stitch by hand. Leave the ends of the thread trailing, then tug on them and watch the fabric gather itself into beautiful deep ruffles.

  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 6
    Step 6

    Once the ruffles are as gathered as you'd like them, knot off the trailing ends of thread and trim them. Pin the layers of veil fabric to the ribbon/fabric strip. Place them centrally, so the ends of the ribbon/fabric strip will end up fastening at the nape of the neck. Depending on how decorative your ribbon/fabric strip is, leave as much or as little showing from under the veil fabric as you like. Stitch in place.

  • How to make a veil. Basic Bridal Veil - Step 7
    Step 7

    Finally, stitch the button on one end of the ribbon/fabric strip, and a loop of elastic on the other. This forms a comfy, flexible fastening that will stretch a little around different hairstyles etc.

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