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Based on Baby Leg Warmer's (Aka Baby Legs) by Stephanie
i made these about a year ago for my now 2.5 year old from some of my old knee-highs. i have an 8 month old now too and am waiting for the day she decides to start crawling (aaaaaaanytime now...) so she can wear them too to protect her knees on the carpet. i've also made a few more from clearanced knee socks from Target (at about a dollar a pair, how could i resist??). i think my girls have a pair to match any outfit now!
note on making these- i saw one tutorial (from where, i can't for the life of me remember) that suggested when making the cuff from the sock part, cut it a little smaller. hm, let me see if i can word this so you can understand- when you have the sock part in your hand (after cutting the toe and heel off) snip it from the "toe" part to the "heel" part, so you have a flat piece of fabric. then cut off about an inch parallel to that cut you made, sew back into a tube and continue as Stephanie's tutorial shows, sewing onto the long "leg" part. now, i have done it both ways, and didn't notice much of a difference in how it fits. i think i prefer NOT doing the extra work cos, well, one- it's extra work! and two- i like it left a bit looser so it doesn't cut into to skin.

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Ramona Vicious Monroe
if i ever have a spawn they are wearing these.. they are so damn cute

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