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Burn some fabric! SO FUN.
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The skirt reminds me a lot of these flower prints by Andy Warhol— without the color of course, but still organically shaped and random like real flowers. (See one of the pictures I added for the Andy Warhol print that inspired me :)) To make the flowers I BURNED fabric!! It was very fun and I am so excited to see what else I can do with fire and fabric.

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  • How to embellish an applique skirt. Andy Warhol Skirt - Step 1
    Step 1

    First you need to cut out the shapes of the flowers before you burn them. You do not need to make the shapes perfect because you are just going to burn the edges and flowers are all different shapes and sizes in nature, that is the beauty of making flowers — nothing has to be perfect!

  • How to embellish an applique skirt. Andy Warhol Skirt - Step 2
    Step 2

    Once you have cut out your shapes (I had a large sized flower shape, medium sized flower shape and a tiny circle to make 1 flower… you dont have to do it this way but I had 3 pieces for each flower I made and glued onto the skirt).

    To burn the edge, you can just light a candle and put the fabric close to it and make sure it doesnt catch on fire. There is a little trial-and-error with this but it is quite simple once you do it. The fabric wrinkles up immediately and makes a nice, organic shape. The best part? It won’t fray!

    If my instructions don’t do it for you, here is a different set where I learned to burn fabrics.

  • How to embellish an applique skirt. Andy Warhol Skirt - Step 3
    Step 3

    After you have all of the shapes you want, you then need to stitch them together. For the centers, I used beads. I used about 3-5 beads per flower and sewed them so the flower parts would stay together well. Then, after all of the beads were sewn onto the flowers, I glued all of the flowers into place on the skirt. I used an old skirt from Forever 21, but you can use any skirt from a thrift store or something really old of course.

    I would love to see if anyone tries this! Please visit me on my <a href = "http://starsforstreetlights.blogspot.com/"> blog </a> for more DIY and if you have any questions— I am a lot better about getting back to people if they comment on there because I check it more regularly.

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little miss deerae
little miss deerae · Laguna Beach, California, US
love this idea <3 great job!

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