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Even without catnip kitty can't refuse to play!
Our cat flips it in the air, catches it with it's paws and scratches it with it's hind legs! My aunt wanted a couple of these when she saw our 14 year old cat who couldn't be bothered to play with feathers, mice or pom poms before play with one of these mice. The best thing is these are catnipfree! So it's the kitty who's really interested in playing.

I sell some at our local pet shop and they seem to become a hit because I've already got a few orders. I recently started selling these on etsy too :)

I made my own pattern altering the pattern available on youtube by tjw1963

Posted by EVEnl from Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands • Published See EVEnl's 307 projects »


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EVEnl · Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 319 projects
No you might think that but these are quite durable they did manage to pull the ends of the yarn out though so I have to tuck those back in...
Cemre K.
Cemre K. · 6 projects
doesn't your cat rip it to shreds?

if he/she doesn't, then that's amazing!! really cute!!
Arty Kitkat
Arty Kitkat · St Albans, England, GB · 61 projects
These are cool Happy

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