Atc challenge

Okay so i have been wanting to do this for a while most of you at the swap shop know me already i feel i can offically take it on now . I have a problem i join way to many swaps at a time well i cant do anything about it im adicted to swapin any way heres the idea we each send to out partner 20 yes i said twenty atcs well of course thats why its called the atc challenge theres no theme if u and your partner would like to exchange likes and dislikes go right on ahead okay so the send out date is june 30th wich i a good amount of time if you and your partner finish earily then messsage them and send earlier if you and your patner feel stressed about the date tgan make it a couple days later no big deal!!!!! ;)

hint: this is a very flexable swap, okay not to be mean but i was a newbie once abd i thought i could take on somthing like this and there was absoulutely no way i could so if you feel you maybe might not be able to complete then dont sign up , newbies totally determined sign up i know and hope im going to get some of the vetrans ive swaped with before u guys r great thanks for getting me through my newbie stage!!! Happy


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