Turn your art into a clock!

Hi guys hope this was the right place to post about this.

A company I do some work with is running a giveaway for neon clocks at the moment. They usualy cost £84.50 but if you design one and win in the voting system on Facebook you'll get it for free - delivery included!

You can upload an image, add some text, then choose the style of your clock face, the neon ring around it and the metal rim. I made one of my cat =P and another Discworld-themed one. I thought it would be cool to see some with pieces of art from Cut Out + Keep!

It's worth trying, and you might get one free!

Design your clock here - http://www.iconneon.com/product/custom-neon-clock
And enter it on the Facebook here - http//www.facebook.com/iconneon

Good luck everybody! Origami

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Thanks for the heads up! I don't have facebook but I will certainly enter!

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