How to Describe Items on Etsy?

I just got out of the hospital and am now way behind on my schedule to open an Etsy shop. I'm trying to write descriptions of my items, but everything sounds so superficial and like it doesn't have enough information or enough oomph! to get someone to want to keep reading.

I know to include the size, materials, type of home it came from, any special qualities like hidden pockets, if it comes with a free gift, my offer for gift-wrapping, how it will be packaged, and the disclaimer that some parts may be upcycled/recycled.

It's the describing the actual product in an appealing way that is so hard, and I sometimes don't know what my materials are as some are upcycled. Here's an example of what I'm talking about (please ignore the poor picture quality--I'm building a new lightbox over the weekend):

Earth tones bring out the natural beauty in every woman. Release yours with this hand-woven pendant on a raw-hide rope. Tie it tight to show off your collarbone or let it hang loose with a comfy tank top. You'll catch the light with the sparkling green and blue beads that make up the pendant's outer design.

The diameter is roughly two inches and the raw-hide rope is fifty inches long. This product comes from a smoke-free home.

You will receive this item packaged in a recycled green jewelry box with a hand-written thank you note and a few other surprises inside a vintage button bag.

Please keep in mind that because this item is handmade from some upcycled materials, there may be some irregularities. Thank you for your support!

And remember, spend more than $45.00 to receive a special gift of the month!

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That's a lovely item, and the description sounds great to me. I think you've got everything right ...good luck with your etsy shop.

If you want to know how not to describe things, have a look at this etsy shop.....

It's obviously not meant to be taken seriously!

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