Moving out?

I'm seventeen, I know, a baby! And I'm moving out soon to go to Uni to study a Bachelor of Design (the uni is eight hours away from home) I'm really scared.
I'm planning to live with my best friend and we're going to try and find someone else to share with us to cut down costs.
Also, I'm going to need to get a job... Because I'm not really eligable for any government assistance because my mum earns to much but then she's not planning to assist me in any way... (just because your income is high, doesn't mean your mortgage isn't too!) so she earns a lot but we don't have very much money. Of course she'll help me get set up but she's not in any position to send money over to me kinda thing. I'm scared I'm not going to have enough money to pay rent and utilities... And food and such.
I know at Uni I'll have heaps of spare time but I want time to make my jewellery as well! Happy
What was your experience with moving out of home?
And how was it with your boyfriend/girlfiend if you had one at the time? I'm scared we'll drift apart...
Sorry this is so long!

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I take it you're in the UK? If you're not sorry.

I didn't move out at Uni because my Uni is only like a 30/40 min car drive, or possible to get to through public transport. I specifically chose a Uni close to home because I knew I couldn't afford to live out. I can get the Grants. You should be able to get the loans because I'm sure that's not income assessed as it has to be paid back when you are earning? Although considering paying for your tuition fees too...

People's experiences of moving from home are different, I know my friend Jessica doesn't really enjoy it as such because there is nothing to do in Hatfield & she couldn't just move home because she lives in Poole. So it depends on where you are moving to? As for job-wise if all else fails you could sell some of your stuff before moving to raise a little extra money. My mate Jessica couldn't find a job because again, there isn't a lot in Hatfield and the things that were there had been taken by other students. But what she does now (or she used to) was be an Avon lady, because it's more flexible and (although it's not brilliantly paid) she got some money for it.

As for bf/gf stuff, it didn't affect me because I didn't leave home AND I didn't have a partner LOL. But my friend Jessica did, he lived in Milton Keynes so it actually made things easier for them, well until they broke up, but she's with someone new who lives in Watford (he doesn't go to our Uni) so I don't know how it will affect them in a few weeks when we leave? unless she moves in wi him?

It'll prob be hard for you with your bf coz your relationship will be a long-distance one for 3+ years

Sorry this probably hasn't been that helpful!!

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I moved out to go to college, but i lived at the college dorms. They were annoying sometimes ...okay all the time. But it was cheaper i think. And it was nice living close to classes. And a good experience.
I REALLY LOVED being on my own. I never felt better about myself or my life. I really miss it...cuz now, because of expenses & personal stuff, i had to drop out & move back with my parents. I'm tryin to find a job now tho, so me & my friend can get an apartment together... & i can be on my own again.
Movin to college was really scary at first & hard sometimes for me, becuase i was goin alone. All my friends went somewhere else. You'll be REALLY happy your friend's there with you. Happy You'll have so much fun.
I loved living in the busy city too. There was always somethin to do.

As for boyfriends ...i cant really help u. lol I didnt have one. My roommate had a boyfriend tho, who was still in High School, & she talked to him everyday online & by phone. And she went back home to visit him sometimes. And he came to visit her once or twice there. It seemed to be workin out okay.
GOOD LUCK! ...& if ur movin somewhere small (like my dorm lol), Pack Light. lol

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I moved two days away from home. well only five hours by air. But that was super expensive.

well I found a small room for rent, that was like 2 minutes from campus. But it was hard to keep a job, its doable but hard, with school work and all.

I didn't have a boyfriend at the time, but at a new school you will meet new friends, so it is possible that you will drift apart, but if its a strong friendship you will stay close.

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If you move out the best you can do is visit as much Thrift stores as possible. Just find cheap plates, coffecups and so on. When you have a steady job and more money to spend you can look for matching utilities. The IKEA is also a great store I if you're moving out. And don't plan to buy everything at once. Buy the most important things first and buy the rest in steps. Just don't worry, everything will come with time..

I love living on my own.. Just be creative, leave my projects in my livingroom while I'm working on them, Cook my own food, Once in a while the freedom to turn up my music and just go wild with nobody who sees me.

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