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Makeover Monday

Our members & beauty bloggers recreate the look of their favorite stars and get creative by giving them a makeover

Recreate the look of Gwen Stefani in #MakeoverMonday with makeup artist Helene B and create a warm gold makeover.

She is who she is, she’s bold, girly and fun and it shows in her makeup AND style.

Recreate the look of Lorde with Mirjana Valentin in #MakeoverMonday and then create a pink summer meets red glamour makeover.

Lorde has a really great style that I think embraces natural beauty.

Recreate the look of Ariana Grande in #MakeoverMonday with Awesome Brittnie Makeup and then give her a pop of colour makeover!

I love Ariana's classic, retro style! She is known for this look and I think she rocks it well!

Recreate the look of Jessica Alba in #MakeoverMonday with Megan from Altogether Beautiful.

Jessica Alba has such a natural, minimal makeup look. It gives a fresh and healthy glow without being overdone. A perfect fit for any everyday look!

Kelly from amourtera recreates the look of Rihanna and gives her a bold red makeover.

Rihanna infuses streetwear with island style, I love everything about her look.

Recreate the look of Kristen Stewart in #MakeoverMonday with Joy Rusco and then create a pink smokey eye makeover.

I love that Kristen Stewart is so naturally beautiful, she doesn't need much makeup to be stunning.

Takara Dori recreates the look of Cara Delevigne for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a cat eye makeover!

I love everything about her, from the signature eyebrows to the her biker girl grunge. Cara is basically my woman crush, she has such a natural beauty but can also rock any style in all her shoots. But I can't help but be drawn to her inner biker girl style the most though since that is my kinda style too

PatriSupersonic recreates the look of Shirley Manson from Garbage in their Milk music video for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a smokey copper makeover.

She is different, fresh, shameless and ginger. A perfect style icon.

Jessica Mix recreates the makeup of Anne Hathaway for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a dark burgundy makeover.

I love her classic style beacause in her simplicity she's really genuine and feminine. But I'd like to see her in a different make-up look more intense and glam at the same time. For this reason I will choose a dark red lipstick and really sexy dark burgundy eyes.

Recreate the look of Taylor Swift in #MakeoverMonday with Nicole from Makeup By Nicole and then create a warm glittery makeover.

What I love about Taylor's style is that it is classic and timeless. I love that she has her own signature look!

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