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Craft Room Tours

Explore the craft rooms, studios & kitchens of crafters to see where they work and how they organise their supplies

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour at Sugarlovespices and see Loreto and Nicoletta's kitchen in Edmonton, Alberta.

It is cosy and eclectic. When we cook together, with my husband, there is a lot of bumping into each other, laughing and joking that we would get lost in a big kitchen.

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK • Visit Website »

Take a #CraftRoomTour at Ginger Pickle and see Jade's craft room in Aberdeen, Scotland.

I love my IKEA pegboard, it adds a bit of interest to the wall but also helps organise all my craft bits and bobs!

Denver, CO, USA • Visit Website »

Come on a #CraftRoomTour at Flax & Twine and see Anne's Studio in Denver, Colorado.

(Photography by Jimena Peck)

I love the light as it comes pouring in the south facing window. The white painted brick combined with the steel windows, gives me the perfect back drop and brand aesthetic.

Minnesota City, MN, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour at The Rustic Foodie and see Christine's kitchen in Minnesota.

I love the breakfast nook in my kitchen. It's a great central spot in our house where my husband and I spend a lot of our time. I have a standing work station set up in the breakfast nook where I stand and do a lot of my computer work during the day. The breakfast nook looks out into a large window so I'm able to soak up sunlight, watch the birds and other wildlife during the warmer months.

Indianapolis, IN, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour at That Skinny Chick Can Bake and see Liz's kitchen in Indianapolis.

My favourite thing is the huge marble island. Great for prep, buffets, casual dining.

Rochester, MN, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #CraftRoomTour at Speckless and see Heidi's office.

My favorite thing about this space is that everything is organized and has its place, albeit a crowded one. And, it's a space just for me!

London, UK • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour with Miranda Cooks and see Miranda's kitchen in London.

Everything is so easy to clean, especially the glazed cupboards and splash-backs.

Toronto, ON, Canada • Visit Website »

Take a #CraftRoomTour at Sew Be It Studio and see Dilys sewing room, closet of books and scraps collection in Toronto.

I love the sky light. It gives me lots of sunlight. Who can really complain about extra vitamin D?

Fairhope, AL, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #CraftRoomTour at CraftyHope and see Hope's craft room in Fairhope, Alabama.

It's my own little space that I have complete control over. I don't have to share it with anyone else (and thus have no one else to blame for the mess and clutter!)

New York, NY, USA • Visit Website »

We loved Sarah's book Craft-A-Day so much that we couldn't wait to take a tour of her office / apartment / writing space in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan.

I think my favorite part of my apartment is the daylight. There are windows that face south and east so there is always sunlight streaming in

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