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Take a #KitchenTour at Sugarlovespices and see Loreto and Nicoletta's kitchen in Edmonton, Alberta.

It is cosy and eclectic. When we cook together, with my husband, there is a lot of bumping into each other, laughing and joking that we would get lost in a big kitchen.

Tell us about your kitchen?

It is not a big kitchen, but it has some of the things we like the most: a big island, a big stove, a nice window on the sink. It is a very busy room, we can say it is the heart of the home. The dining room is separated but easily accessible right next to the kitchen.

What have you done to make your kitchen cosy, functional, beautiful or inspiring?

My husband has revamped the kitchen to make it more functional and beautiful. We have a hanging rack on the island, and two shelves under it that host all of our kitchen tools. A big pantry, a section with our coffe/tea/blender things, a tower with microwave and toaster oven that sits nex to the stove. We also used brighter colors in the kitchen with a black and white checkered floor.

How do you keep organized while cooking?

We try to clean up as we go, so we don't end up with a sink full and a kitchen that looks like a bomb exploded in there ;) . We also organize our prep, so the cooking process runs smoothly and easily.

Any tips & tricks for organising your pantry, fridge and ingredients?

We use a lot of mason jars with labels to store flours, legumes, spices, etc. Also, we organize in sections: baking, spices, ethnic foods, canned goods, oils and vinegars, nuts and dreid fruits.

Do you do a lot of cooking and what are your favourite dishes to make?

We do a lot of cooking and we also host virtual cooking classes. It's hard to choose, but we have a lot of fun when we make pizza.

Where do you turn for new recipe ideas?

Well, we are food bloggers, so plenty of ideas, and new recipes on the blog. Also, we have a good collection of cookbooks, plenty of inspiration from fellow bloggers, and sometimes Pinterest is a good source.

Do you plan out your recipes for the week or do you like to be spontaneous?

We leave days where we like to be spontaneous and cook from whatever is in the fridge/pantry, but mostly we like to have a meal plan for the week to avoid any food waste.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make this your dream kitchen?

It would be nice to have a bigger kitchen with a built in dishwasher (we have a portable one, not the easiest thing to move) and a huge island with a granite or quartz countertop and maybe a big sink. However it is not possible in this place. But there's nothing wrong in dreaming and wishing ;).

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