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  • Skirt - DIY (see below)
  • Outfit - All upcycled by me

Upcycle Tshirt Dress Into Suspender Skirt

Upcycle a t-shirt dress into a suspender skirt with #DIYFashionista Adela from Ungrateful Bat.

Check out Upcycle Tshirt Dress Into Suspender Skirt on Cut Out + Keep

Minnesota City, MN, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour at The Rustic Foodie and see Christine's kitchen in Minnesota.

I love the breakfast nook in my kitchen. It's a great central spot in our house where my husband and I spend a lot of our time. I have a standing work station set up in the breakfast nook where I stand and do a lot of my computer work during the day. The breakfast nook looks out into a large window so I'm able to soak up sunlight, watch the birds and other wildlife during the warmer months.

Hey Im Clint Sepalon also known as Shariki. Im a college student who lives in the Philippines. Im still an amateur digital artist who aims to be an independent and financially stable person by harnessing my talent especially in arts in order to sustain myself and my family. I also do traditional arts as well but apparently I dont feel comfortable doing it in where i live in right now. I do semi-realism style and I do fanarts, OC's and concept arts. Im also an Illustrator of MLBB's Great Creation League or MGL.

1149 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA • Visit Website »

Mix a Matcha Makrut Iced Tea and Cardamom Cold Brew Date Latte in #ABiteToEat with Demitasse in Los Angeles.

Indianapolis, IN, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour at That Skinny Chick Can Bake and see Liz's kitchen in Indianapolis.

My favourite thing is the huge marble island. Great for prep, buffets, casual dining.

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The Art of Punch Needle Embroidery

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is The Art of Punch Needle Embroidery by Marie Suarez. Meet Marie, #sew a Greedy Cat and #win the book from Search Press.

I'm passionate around embrodery since my childhood.I've changed my passion in a daily work. En 1995, I started with teaching and sell my kits and embroidery models. I'm very intrested in various technics of stiching. I started a collaboration with the Editions de Saxe 15 years ago, I've published more than 30 books. I collaborated in many magazines referring embroideries and patchwork. now, I working on the mook "Les broderies de Marie & Cie" which bring a lot of succes.
Rochester, MN, USA • Visit Website »

Take a #CraftRoomTour at Speckless and see Heidi's office.

My favorite thing about this space is that everything is organized and has its place, albeit a crowded one. And, it's a space just for me!

Gibe your home a color pop makeover in #DIYTheRoom with María from Chabepatterns.

Lovely combinations of neutral tones with a pop of color. A collection of home DIY Projects that involve recycling, makeovers and use of natural materials. Simple decor that matches perfectly with functional space and beautiful items to add personal touches.

Outfit Details

Lightweight Scarf

Sew a Lightweight Scarf with #DIYFashionista Kate Marsden from Made by Mrs M.

Check out Lightweight Scarf on Cut Out + Keep

London, UK • Visit Website »

Take a #KitchenTour with Miranda Cooks and see Miranda's kitchen in London.

Everything is so easy to clean, especially the glazed cupboards and splash-backs.

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