Stef from Scottish Stef's Nails recreates the nails of Gwen Stefani's and gives her an edgy chrome manicure.

I have loved Gwen Stefani's style since I was a little kid in the 1990's. I always wished I could have bright pink or blue hair like her or wear tartan trousers. I feel like she brought a punk edge to mainstream fashion and made it more socially acceptable. Nowadays she still has amazing style and I love how sleek and glamorous she looks.

Classic Look

Gwen Stefani wears a lot of high gloss black polish which is why I decided to go with Nails Inc's Black Taxi Polish for my classic manicure. She often has embellishments on her black nails so I thought it would be cool to use Nails Inc's Alexa Stars Glitter Polish here. I didn't want to overdo the stars so I only added them to an accent nail. I think this is a really chic way to wear glitter stars on your nails and something Gwen would hopefully like.


I chose to use Models Own's Chrome Blue polish for Gwen's manicure makeover as I have seen her wear deep teal blue polish before so I thought she might like a change but kept it in her colour range. This blue polish is a bit brighter and bang on trend right now. She may be in her 40's but I think Gwen Stefani is cool enough to totally pull off this shade of polish. I added square diamanté's to make the look a little more edgy.

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