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Kelly Doust aka The Craft Minx is here with a new book all about creative recycling and handmade treasures.

With crafts for every season, it's easy to find the perfect project to get started with. Make a Pretty Pea Bag, a Colourful Crib Mobile and Wild Window Boxes for spring; an Elegant Clutch, Gorgeous Party Bunting and a Tepee for summer; cosy Floor Cushions to sink into, a Braided Rug and a Kitchen Goddess High-Waisted Apron for autumn; and a Soothing Face Pillow, a Patchwork Scarf and Ribbon Brooches for winter.

Ideal for beginner crafters, this book has over 75 projects perfect for embellishing your home or giving as gifts.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Murdoch Books »

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Turn a plastic skeleton in to a terrifying mummified fairy for Halloween.

Check out the how-to from The Art of Darkness »

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Smoothie Heaven by Wendy Sweetser offers hundreds of divine recipes to take you to smoothie paradise.

The book features a wide range of drinks including breakfast smoothies to wake you up, workout smoothies to give you a boost of energy, healing smoothies to bring you back to health and dessert smoothies to satisfy a sweet tooth. Whip up a Vietnamese Avocado Shake, an Apple Crumble Smoothie, Breakfast Yogurt Eggnog, Simple Homemade Sorbet, Mango Buttermilk, a Greek Frappe and a Baileys Tiramisu Smoothie.

A huge book filled with hundreds of delicious sweet and savoury recipes, there's something to tingle everyone's taste buds!

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Apple Press »

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We've got an amazing pink acoustic guitar from Daisy Rock up for grabs in our latest craft contest!

Daisy Rock are loved by bands and female rockers everywhere for their super girly guitars, which are designed to be easier for women to play and come in a variety of bright colors and pretty designs.

For your chance of winning, simply enter any music themed how-to. You can enter up to 3 times, so good luck!

Enter your project now »

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The mini pumpkin pie bites are so cute and will taste great this Halloween!

Check out the recipe from Bakerella »

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Every good Halloween party needs a cauldron and here's an easy guide to making one with a balloon and some papier-mache!

Check out the how-to from Art Attack now »

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These Harry Potter themed recipes are perfect for Halloween - everything from liquorice wands to peppermint toads.

Check them out on The Hogwarts Celebration »

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Erica Domesek's motto it "I see it. I like it. I make it." and with her new book PS I made this... she will show you how-to too!

Don't just buy the same trends as everyone else when you can DIY something totally you. Recycle odds and ends in to unique accessories by turning items like wine corks in to studded earrings, rulers in to a necklace and packaging in to bangles. Recycle old clothes and make a bag from jeans, belt from duct tape, and a scarf from shredded t-shirts. There are even more adventurous crafts from the experienced crafter such as a drapey cowl-neck vest, a super cute ruffle tank and a faux-fur vest.

Make fashion that looks more like it's stepped of the catwalk than your craft table and you'll have to remind people that P.S. you made it yourself!

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Abrams Image »

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How are you going to decorate your pumpkin this year? Check out this crazy hamburger pumpkin, perfect for fast food lovers!

See more crazy pumpkins at About.com »

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The author of Simply Sublime Bags, Jodi Kahn is back with a new book Simply Sublime Gifts filled with high-style, low-sew projects to make in a snap.

With presents for him, her, the kids, the home and of course yourself, thread up a needle and get ready to speedily stitch up an adorable Hello Cupcake! Pincushion, a Pillowcase Tote, a His (and Hers) Washroom Bag, a no-sew Heath Throb Headband and some Hot Lips Pillows.

Perfect for a sewing novice, this book will have you looking like a pro with a sewing machine (or needle & thread) and help you create a pile of perfect gifts in no time! 

You can pick up a copy of the book now from The GMC Group »

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